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I put a video on vimeo in 2008, and accidentally became a D.P.

To tell you the truth I did not really know what a D.P. was, I just liked film. The 16mm film camera test I uploaded ended up getting me my first job and its all been downhill from there.

I made this reel to celebrate a decade on vimeo which includes my documentary, commercial, music video and film work.

Commercial Work
I’ve had the privelege of working on commercial projects for brands I like. Here are a few of my recent favorites.


Shinola // Viceland

Hush Puppies 1

Hush Puppies 2

Documentary is one of my favorite film mediums.

I had the honor of DPing two seasons of a Series on Showtime called “Dark Net”. As well as Documentary portions of “Mars” season 1 on National Geographic.

I can’t embed those here but you are more than welcome to watch on your favorite VOD.

Documentary Work (I can show)
In 2013 I directed and filmed this documentary on creative commerce called “Wonderland” with my friend Terry Rayment of Eskimo which recieved a Vimeo Staff pick.


A few years later I had a lot of fun filming this doc with the same peeps to celebrate UCLA’s 100th anniversary

UCLA - Let there be

Music Videos
Around 2015 I was feeling creatively frustrated as a cinematographer so I decided to make a few music videos. I was very happy to get a vimeo staff pick for this one I did for a friend.

Sacrifice by Chris Norman
I had fun making that one... so why stop there?
I did a few more music video experiments...

Surrender by Basecamp

Second Summer by R.A.C. // YACHT

Short Films
A part of my creative frustration as a DP was not being able to film the things I really wanted or try new ideas so I decided to make a few shorts around 2015.

I did this one on the last few rolls of fujifilm I could find.


And this random one on a weekend...


Thats pretty much it for now.
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